From New to Old England

September is always sneaky, but I feel like I blinked and summer went by. I welcome it- fall in New England is the best. I just rolled in from the swampy heat and inspiring music of New Orleans. ( It actually felt chilly back here in Boston the last few days). I played with John Lisi and his band at Cafe Negril and then at Chickie Wah Wah with Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind. That city is saturated with amazing musicians and I can’t wait to get back there.

The band and I have a few more Boston area shows coming up before I leave for a month-long tour of “Old” England with Snowboy and the Latin Section.

This will be my first ever trip to Europe and its pretty wild that original music is getting me there! About ten years ago, I left an office job to pursue music full-time. If you told me then that I’d be getting on a plane in 2017 to tour with a group of world-class Latin Jazz musicians for a month in England, I would have thought you were playing a game of Three-Card Monte with my psyche.

In 2006, we released an album called “EAT”. Music streaming wasn’t quite as prominent as it is now, but I had put the album up on CD Baby for digital distribution. I soon got an email from a guy in the U.K. named “Snowboy” telling me he loved the song “Warm Bath Eyes”. He’s been championing my music ever since and we’ve kept in touch. Last year he covered two songs from subsequent albums (“Better”from “Age of Blame” and “Oxen Free”from “Year of the Ox”) on his latest album, “New York Afternoon”. The arrangements Mark came up with for the songs are stellar. We were able to record my vocals tracks and backing vocals with Yahuba Garcia-Torres remotely at Wonka Sound in Lowell with Sir Bob Nash and send them on to Snowboy. I’m honored to finally meet Mark and his band in a few weeks to travel with them as the supporting act and special guest for their UK tour of “New York Afternoon”.

These are some highlights, some easy nuggets from a much longer story. I’m grateful that for the few times I abandoned music and felt lost, I found my way back with so much support. Nobody does this music thing alone.  You adventurous people who are willing to give independent musicians your ears, your love, your time and your money are the other half of the equation that keeps us alive.  Thank you.

Please go to the “Shows” section of the website for details on upcoming shows.

See you out there!