…singer-songwriter-keyboardist, Jen Kearney has now been back in the states for a while, whence she has just issued a four-track EP…Jen keeps to her soulful inclinations across the project, a whiff of Stevie… with a little pop and some jazzier meat on it’s funky bones…” - Chris Wells

Echoes Magazine

Lots of things make Kearney’s new EP “Atlantic” a wonderful trip: deep soul, jazz flourishes, huge funk horns, introspective lyrics sung in Kearney’s big, blustery voice.” - Jed Gottlieb

Boston Herald

Jen Kearney is a gifted singer who can belt out a song with the best of them. She puts a refreshing new spin on funk music with thoughtfully conceived lyrics… simply mesmerizing.” - Steve Morse

— Billboard/Rolling Stone

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Photo By Caroline Alden

Photo By Caroline Alden

Photo By Caroline Alden

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