…singer-songwriter-keyboardist, Jen Kearney has now been back in the states for a while, whence she has just issued a four-track EP…Jen keeps to her soulful inclinations across the project, a whiff of Stevie… with a little pop and some jazzier meat on it’s funky bones…” - Chris Wells

Echoes Magazine

Lots of things make Kearney’s new EP “Atlantic” a wonderful trip: deep soul, jazz flourishes, huge funk horns, introspective lyrics sung in Kearney’s big, blustery voice.” - Jed Gottlieb

Boston Herald

Jen Kearney is a gifted singer who can belt out a song with the best of them. She puts a refreshing new spin on funk music with thoughtfully conceived lyrics… simply mesmerizing.” - Steve Morse

— Billboard/Rolling Stone

 “This is jazz, this is funk, this is soul…It was impossible not to move to this music...  Kearney’s lyrics are thoughtful, meaningful, mature…reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, and there are hints of George Benson in her music at times…Kearney is a revelation.

(Nigel Stone, Link 2 Wales, Live review)




 “Kearney’s persona on stage was maximised by her crystalline strong voice…Having been flown all the way from Boston to sing in London with Snowboy & co, Kearney proved a shining star from beginning to end…A mighty end of tour gig with the European debut of Jen Kearney, I say: let’s get her back soon, please!”

(Erminia Yardley, Jazz in Europe, live review 2 sold out Snowboy & The Latin Section shows Ronnie Scott’s)



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Photo By Caroline Alden

Photo By Caroline Alden

Photo By Caroline Alden

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