1. Spinning

Jen Kearney- Vocals, Wurlitzer
Peter MacLean- Drums
Domenic Volpe Davis- Bass
Jason Yost- Guitar
Theresa Cleary- Violin, Viola
Sarah Nichols- Cello

Written by Jen Kearney
Produced by Jen Kearney
Recorded at Chillhouse Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Will Holland at Chillhouse Studios


Your eyes say let's begin
And don't worry you won't feel a thing
But magnets line up right
And everything in sight
Is spinning

And you come to my sea
Go to the deepest part with me
The Mariana Trench
Now we're both disoriented
And spinning

In a beautiful kaleidoscope
Where tumbling blues and horoscopes

But the fine print and blurry rules
Stir my mind up in a centrifuge
Spinning on and on and on and on

And now I wish I didn't know how good it is to be with you
Here in the deep where you keep me wondering why
This love is such a subtle beast
I want to be true North,
But you keep me East
Where it's too shallow

So I wash us off the dishes
And out of the sheets
Watch the water circle the drain
As I wash us off of me

Should I burn our love out
In the tumble dry
Or will you ever change your mind
And stop us spinning

Should I let it go
in the undertow
Should I let it slide
In the riptide