1. Abandoned

From the recording Year of the Ox


He put his coat on
To take a trip out West
She put her face on
And got us in our Sunday best

Something in me knew
Watching the fragile branches get bent
When out of the nest we flew
With this fear of abandonment

So I got yoked up
And began the archaeology
Digging in the dark muck
Looking for some kind of truth in me

But the metals I found I keep melting down
And forging back into bars
That I bang at with my empty tin cup
To the inattentive guards

From behind them I see
The footprints up on that balcony
So I start this serenade
To the free me I'm trying to be

So why manicure the thoughts I'm fighting
To court some kind of egocentricity?
Why do I paint the nails I'm biting?
It's just what I do since you abandoned me

I spy in a bovine's eye
The remembered reflection of a wave goodbye
I spy in a bovine's eye
The thin path I have to try


You hide, I'll sing this tune
and probably put myself away too soon
You hide, I'll seek and swoon
And maybe give it all up to the moon