From the recording Eat


Everything seems erotic, exotic, hypnotic
Until it all falls down where your stomach
Is knotted
And your tears are clotted with your
Rotted mascara and pride

Everyone seems
Supportive and friendly and trustworthy
Deserving of your time
And love and kindness
Can't see their covered mess
Their layered nest
Of unrest

Until a proof, a spoof, aloof in its
Absence of substance
Shows you the true intent,
The non-enlightenment, the dent
That causes you to vent that you'll
Never trust again


Pick yourself up
Pick yourself up now
It's time

Because the path is thin the din of nay saying
Tries winning and
spinning you down
Before you're even beginning your glory inning

Don't take that bait
Push it out of the way jump its gaze
break the maze
Don't stand
behind the haze
Of laziness and envy

You got your work
Stop shirking
No matter what keeps lurking
In your head
Just break bread
And let your burdens shed

Because it's all about now and how your
Bow and breath
Will center your brow from worried pettiness
So go on and just,
Go on and just,
Go on and just

I know you worried bout your money
And your car sounds funny
We're all so busy
Chasing honey
Sometimes we get
Stung dumb and flung
Onto a mediocre rung

But it don't have to be that sorry way
That blurry fray
Is your rope
So tie it back in and hope
And go on and just,
Go on and just,
Go on and just